Merdeka 2010


Speaking of Merdeka, it doesn’t mean much to me nowadays. Back in primary school we did cook up some big celebration for the day but as I grew up and witnessed how the Malaysian society is going backwards in development, I’ve kind of lost faith in that Malaysia will be a developed country by 2020. It still remains as an elusive dream.

For the moment being, I just pray for the peaceful, skirmish-free coexistence of the people of Malaysia.

Happy 53rd Independence Day, Malaysia.

Random Pics

While waiting for Sahur, I’m busy with this; browsing old pictures on my HDD collections. I took a short break to relief myself after spending a couple hours on study. Nothing new, just a random pictures taken from December 2009 up to April 2010.

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PRODIGY, Class of 2009 SBPIJ

PRODIGY | Class of 2009 SBPIJ official website is my third website, developed in December 2008 using Joomla! 1.0 as Content Management System (CMS). It was developed after my old blog and TechnoFlash Official Site, when I and my schoolmates planned to have a community-based website to discuss about our batch related things to education problems.

Early development of this site, I only invited some of my ‘geek’ friends to become a beta tester. Thank God, this site softly launched in the mid of December 2008.

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