Desktopography ’10

3 years ago, I was a desk-modder. I love to customize my OS, Windows XP to a Mac look alike OSX until I developed a mods pack for it. With the help of ResHacker, StyleBuilder and other resources, I managed to released it to public through deviantART. Yeah, it was 3 years ago story.

Well, today I started back. I’m planning to release a new visual style/theme for Windows 7. The main idea is to develop a new theme that mimics OSX interface, but still keeping the originality of Aero interface. Oh ya, the above screenshot is the current theme that I’m currently working. Keep alert and stay tuned.

Leopard Mods On XP will be updated to fit Windows XP SP3. And this will be the final version.

Tweets Archive

I wanted to take a look back what I’ve posted in Twitter over past years.

It is useful sometimes when you are desperately to browse on what you have tweeted especially on useful stuffs, or even a bookmarked on certain websites. To date, Twitter Search does not really helpful for me when I wanted to browse my own tweets especially two years ago.

By coincidentally, I stumbled upon on Teddy-risation twitter archive. The idea to set up my own tweets archive has came out when it can saves a lot of time on browsing, and of course it can also backup my precious previous tweets too. *Just in case especially on instability of Twitter nowadays.

To setup your own twitter archive is not really hard. stopdesign has developed a theme files for WordPress just for a convenient use. Step-by-step instruction was well written to guide you as easy as ABC. 

On doing the right things.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately.

I am here in University of Malaya, and I am busy with my studies. How do I feel about that? Well, school work is kicking my backside but I have never been any happier, professionally, than I am today. I know I will never be a champion in Physics or even Calculus class, but I am being the best that I can be. And that is thanks to the one thing I keep telling myself.

I am not here to study. I am here to learn.

And I am learning a heck of a lot. The number of influential people that I have spoken to, met, listened to and learned from in the past first month is incredible. Then there’s all the blogs that I read. My blog reading patterns have changed since I started my studies here. Apart from all the tech blogs that I used to read, I’ve started learning a lot more from the ‘behavioral’ blogs I’ve discovered. This is probably the reason behind my reduced blogging – I am now trying to add value to my readers through personal experiences, just like these blogs add value to me. Observing these people, their actions, their words, their work is a lot more fulfilling than breaking my head over. Again, my perspective has changed over the past few months. For the better, I would say.

Despite all the depression that school work is bringing on with itself, I am quite happy with my life right now. The hopeless optimist that I am, I feel good about the pain. I am the only person that can shield myself from that depression. After all, success at PASUM is a lot less about skills and knowledge and a lot more about attitude. Heck, success in life is a lot less about skills and knowledge and a lot more about attitude. It’s a rough ride, but I am getting there.

I just finished Math subjects in Test 1. Looking forward on Mid-Term Semester Exam.