Quick Update #1

Some of you may noticed about this new blog layout. Yeah, this time I’m using AutoFocus+ Pro template based on the Thematic Theme Framework. The idea to redesign my blog came out when I was alone revising Computer Science subject in my room. Felt bored which my current theme, I browsed the internet for a while to find a suitable theme for my blog. Suddenly, I remembered about Thematic Theme Framework. I downloaded and applied it. Hurm, it works perfectly on my blog. 

First Day Lectures In PASUM

Yesterday was a first day lectures in Pusat Asasi Sains Universiti Malaya (PASUM). First day, I felt really enjoyed through the whole day. The classes started at 11.00 am since there were no any tutorials or labs for the first two weeks. A good start for me actually. =)

I don’t want to compare it with my first day in UTP but honestly, I need to come earlier for lectures here if I want to get the front seat. Yeah, this time everything is totally different especially on education system.