Time To Change

It’s hard to believe that I’m not UTPian anymore. Well, yesterday was my last day in UTP. During 5 months here, I really enjoyed my life. I met a lot of friends from different backgrounds, races and even geographical backgrounds. Sabahan and Sarawakian also nice to be a-friend for me.

But, it was the past and became memories for myself. We can’t back to the past and need to continue our life in future. Yeah, I’m a positive thinker. Day before yesterday, I still at Kelana Jaya for self-reflecting. I was thinking about my future and what I want to-be. Alhamdulillah, Allah swt shows the best for me, I guess. I got an offer to continue my studies in University of Malaya for Foundation in Physical Science.

Hurm, I think I will take the offer since I’m not hoping too high for MARA PILN results. Well, we need to change sometimes even though we are in the safe places.

Don’t ask me why I left UTP but please ask the question to Petronas itself.

I Need Inspiration

Normally before I even started writing a post the first thing that comes into my mind is that what will I be writing about? Will this be another stupid ramble of mine or will it be something beneficial to others?

Many stumble upon this question and started to crap about anything without considering the title or the idea that they should follow. Maybe something like misguided while rambling or simply lack of ideas.

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The Road Not Taken

Time is passing so fast that I didn’t realize at all the fact that test 2 is just around the corner. I’ve been so busy doing other unnecessary stuffs like computer, internet and programming and other thingy. I couldn’t even imagine myself until I almost forgotten the oncoming challenge.

Apart from all the worries that is surging me now, I somehow feel a bit happy deep inside my heart. Yesterday was a good day for me; finished the last pre-calculus assignment. At least I’m free now, for a while. =P

This week will gonna be a week for JPA PILN interviews session. I wished good luck to all my friends especially to PRODIGY and also not forgotten to my friends in UTP here. I hope you all will make the right decision to pursue your tertiary studies soon.

Oh ya, I’m still waiting for Petronas, SHELL and Sime Darby interviews call. Wish me good luck okay.

Whoa. Who wanna join me for MARA interview soon?


Again, Technology Week’10 is happening in UTP. There are a lot of stuff here and one of them is Creative Art Festival / CRAFT.

CRAFT, which I believe that is a good platform for art lovers like me them to show their art skills. For lomography lovers, one of the interesting events is ShutterBug Mega Wall Photo. The stuffs there really cool though because all of the wall pictures there were taken using lomography camera.

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End of Holiday

Well, I’m back after one week mid-semester break. One day earlier than my room mate, and also others (except international students).

Not much to say, there are a lot of things to do after mid-semester break in UTP and I’m kinda afraid I don’t have enough hands and time to make it all. I have English drama, an assignment which not complete yet and also busy working on one corporate website for my client. Huh. Too much things to do at the same time!

Last few days by the way, I went to my former school for the SPM results. The journey took about 5 hours++ from Batu Gajah Station to Seremban (yeah, I took KTM Train) which was delayed for 90 minutes. OMG, 90 minutes! Yeah, it’s true and I’m filled my time with enjoying movies from my friend’s laptop. Haha, at least I’m not bored waiting for the train.

And yeah, the UTP’s wireless internet here is getting slower, slower and slower. Need a lot of time to wait especially when I want to download some documents for my scholarship applications. Heh

Perhaps I need to subscribe for broadband services. Any suggestion?