Life Update

It’s almost a month I didn’t write anything on my blog except on the 3 “short posts” below which I called as aside.

So what’s going on?

It’s already 3 weeks++ I finished my studies at PASUM (Foundation Studies In Science, University of Malaya). One year in PASUM was a good experience for me to gain knowledge and meet new friends there. I don’t know how to thank them especially to Physical Science students. Without their support, I can’t do my responsibilities as Ketua Fizikal. I know it sounds funny because I was selected as their representative.

Next plan,

Obviously I’m working part-time to finish my 5 months study break. My job scope are in marketing and branding. I know it sounds easy, but for me the job is challenging and it can help me to improve my soft skills etc. I just work to gain new experience even though at night I do freelance works. Opps (!)

Malam Emas 2011

We called our Malam Emas 2011 as Asasian Golden Night: where “Modern Meets Classic”.

The event started at 8.00 pm and it was held at Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC). Eventhough it had many critics from Asasians before, I would say this event runs well and it was awesome!

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New Semester Begins

Taken from University LRT Station. On my way to University of Malaya.

So it starts tomorrow until 17th April 2011.

Already got the timetable. The first week seems okay for me, at least no tutorial classes and labs. But yeah, 8 subjects for this semester!

I hope that I can do the best for this semester!

Gahh. Hectic life again.

Merdeka 2010


Speaking of Merdeka, it doesn’t mean much to me nowadays. Back in primary school we did cook up some big celebration for the day but as I grew up and witnessed how the Malaysian society is going backwards in development, I’ve kind of lost faith in that Malaysia will be a developed country by 2020. It still remains as an elusive dream.

For the moment being, I just pray for the peaceful, skirmish-free coexistence of the people of Malaysia.

Happy 53rd Independence Day, Malaysia.

Quick Update #1

Some of you may noticed about this new blog layout. Yeah, this time I’m using AutoFocus+ Pro template based on the Thematic Theme Framework. The idea to redesign my blog came out when I was alone revising Computer Science subject in my room. Felt bored which my current theme, I browsed the internet for a while to find a suitable theme for my blog. Suddenly, I remembered about Thematic Theme Framework. I downloaded and applied it. Hurm, it works perfectly on my blog. 

First Day Lectures In PASUM

Yesterday was a first day lectures in Pusat Asasi Sains Universiti Malaya (PASUM). First day, I felt really enjoyed through the whole day. The classes started at 11.00 am since there were no any tutorials or labs for the first two weeks. A good start for me actually. =)

I don’t want to compare it with my first day in UTP but honestly, I need to come earlier for lectures here if I want to get the front seat. Yeah, this time everything is totally different especially on education system.