Life Update

It’s almost a month I didn’t write anything on my blog except on the 3 “short posts” below which I called as aside.

So what’s going on?

It’s already 3 weeks++ I finished my studies at PASUM (Foundation Studies In Science, University of Malaya). One year in PASUM was a good experience for me to gain knowledge and meet new friends there. I don’t know how to thank them especially to Physical Science students. Without their support, I can’t do my responsibilities as Ketua Fizikal. I know it sounds funny because I was selected as their representative.

Next plan,

Obviously I’m working part-time to finish my 5 months study break. My job scope are in marketing and branding. I know it sounds easy, but for me the job is challenging and it can help me to improve my soft skills etc. I just work to gain new experience even though at night I do freelance works. Opps (!)