I Need Inspiration

Normally before I even started writing a post the first thing that comes into my mind is that what will I be writing about? Will this be another stupid ramble of mine or will it be something beneficial to others?

Many stumble upon this question and started to crap about anything without considering the title or the idea that they should follow. Maybe something like misguided while rambling or simply lack of ideas.

I still remember last time when I was about to post a new entry in my blog a sudden idea suddenly rushed into my spine towards my brain. All I did was adjusting here and there from the older post to manifest another so-called more genuine idea which turned out to be worse.

I could notice some parts where I rambled about my life were sandwiched between lines of me talking about life and internet.

I think this is why I am never good at blogging. I can’t seem to arrange my words properly and the thought of conveying the idea itself has already been a big failure.

I hope that this time that will not happen, otherwise my number of reader counts will not be a blast anymore (although it never happened lol).

Things have gone quite obsolete these days. All my plans turn out pretty bad. It seems like nature has taken control on me making me unable to even fulfill my tasks. Most of my time is wasted in front of the laptop especially when I’m unaware of my surrounding and the time I’m wasting.

I’m not sure if this is happening to everyone because this does happen to me all the time. I will wish and pray that I’d be doing something good or at least cherish my time before the final exam week come to the end but ironically when everything is over all my plans are simply ignored.

Is this a form of a disease or I am simply creating one? It reminds me of a hadith narrated by Abdullah bin Abbas (Radiallau Anhu). He reports that Rasulullah said,

“There are two bounties of Allah wherein most people are deceived, health and free time”.

The questions is, am I being the hypocrites by letting my guard down to be deceived by my own wealth or I simply play ignorant about my surrounding and let nature to take toll on me? Well, are we in the same group?