On doing the right things.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately.

I am here in University of Malaya, and I am busy with my studies. How do I feel about that? Well, school work is kicking my backside but I have never been any happier, professionally, than I am today. I know I will never be a champion in Physics or even Calculus class, but I am being the best that I can be. And that is thanks to the one thing I keep telling myself.

I am not here to study. I am here to learn.

And I am learning a heck of a lot. The number of influential people that I have spoken to, met, listened to and learned from in the past first month is incredible. Then there’s all the blogs that I read. My blog reading patterns have changed since I started my studies here. Apart from all the tech blogs that I used to read, I’ve started learning a lot more from the ‘behavioral’ blogs I’ve discovered. This is probably the reason behind my reduced blogging – I am now trying to add value to my readers through personal experiences, just like these blogs add value to me. Observing these people, their actions, their words, their work is a lot more fulfilling than breaking my head over. Again, my perspective has changed over the past few months. For the better, I would say.

Despite all the depression that school work is bringing on with itself, I am quite happy with my life right now. The hopeless optimist that I am, I feel good about the pain. I am the only person that can shield myself from that depression. After all, success at PASUM is a lot less about skills and knowledge and a lot more about attitude. Heck, success in life is a lot less about skills and knowledge and a lot more about attitude. It’s a rough ride, but I am getting there.

I just finished Math subjects in Test 1. Looking forward on Mid-Term Semester Exam.