How to: Install C6 CFW in Nokia 5800XM

I just ported my Nokia 5800 XpressMusic to Nokia C6 firmware last 2 days. From the latest firmware (5800 v51.0.006 -> C6 v11.0.0029), the symbian OS S60 5th GUI looks differently on the “new” Nokia 5800XM. The applications, music player, web browser etc – run perfectly even though there are still minor bugs in it.

If you have ever wondered how to customize your Nokia 5800XM to look like Nokia C6 Symbian OS interface, here’s the quick and simple instructions on exactly how to do it. It’s easier than you think.

To make it short, lets begin:

1st Step: Make sure you have the following;

  1. Nokia 5800 XpressMusic with RM-356 type. *Check it by pressing *#0000#.
  2. Cable with driver installed. *For flashing purpose.
  3. Download appropriate files. *C6’s firmware off course.
  4. Nokia Ovi Suite / PC Suite. *For backup purpose.

2nd Step: Flashing process;

  1. Download Navifirm from here. *This small application is needed to download original firmware of your phone.
  2. Next, download Nokia Flash Tools archive files with contains JAF Tools and JAF PKEY Emulator.
  3. Extract the Navifirm Anywhere with the use of any zip archiver and run it. *You should have Dotnet Framework 2.0 installed in your pc.
  4. Download the original firmware from your phone using Navifirm. *Make sure you select the correct phone model with correct RM-XXX type. (Nokia 5800XM with RM-356 in this case) IMPORTANT STEP!
  5. Install Nokia Ovi Suite / PC Suite if you don’t have it installed already. *Cable drivers are installed with them and needed.
  6. Now if you have already downloaded the firmware from the Navifirm, paste all the files to C:\Program Files\Nokia\phoenix\products\RM-356\ *If the directory doesn’t exist, create it manually.
  7. Next, extract Nokia Flash Tools that you have downloaded. Install the JAF Tool and now copy the Jaf_nok4models.ini file and Pkey_emulator.exe file to C:\Program Files\Odeon\JAF\.
  8. Now, paste the C6’s firmware and replace the files in C:\Program Files\Nokia\phoenix\products\RM-356\ folder.
  9. A custom firmware mostly use 3 files (ROFS2, ROFS3 and UDA).
  10. Run JAF PKEY Emulator application.
  11. Make sure to tick “Random PKEY Raskal SN” and “JAF Main”. IMPORTANT STEP! Then, click Go button in step 3.
  12. Once JAF Tool is open, go to “BB5″ tab.
  13. Tick “Manual Flash”, “Dead USB”, “Normal mode” and “use INI”. *Leave other fields UN-TICK. IMPORTANT STEP!
  14. After you tick “use INI”, select the phone which you want to flash and connect it to your pc after switching it off.>
  15. Next, go to RM-356 folder. Rename “RM-356_51.0.006_prd.core.C00″ to “RM-356_51.0.006_prd.core.c0r”. *Without quote (“). IMPORTANT STEP!
  16. Back to the JAF PKEY Emulator, on the BB5 tab, click “MCU” (Under flash setting). It will ask to replace the current file. So, replace it with “RM-356_51.0.006_prd.core.C0r” file.
  17. Do the same step with “PPM” and “APE Variant”. Do not click on “CNT” as we do not have to replace this file. (PPM, replace it with “RM-356_51.0.006_prd.rofs2.V01″ file and APE Variant with “RM-356_51.0.006_026_000_U01.uda.fpsx” file). Check it many times as this step really IMPORTANT!
  18. When everything is done, click “on Flash”. *This step will start flashing your phone.
  19. Then click “Yes” when a dialog appears.
  20. Now just press the Power Button on your phone a little. *Hold on about 1 second only.
  21. Flashing will start and will complete soon and you will see a “Done” message in JAF window.

3rd Step: Post-flashing process;

  1. Now remove your phone and take out the battery. After that, put it back and start your phone. *You need to setup a setting once your phone is start up.
  2. When home screen is appear, wait until all installation is successful.
  3. Do hard reset to make sure your phone is bug free. *Press *#7370*. If it ask for security code, just insert 12345 as it is a default factory code from Nokia.

Taadaa! You are done. Now you can enjoy “Nokia C6″ in your Nokia 5800 XpressMusic.

References: Here and there.

Update: How to Backup and How to revert back to original firmware. Custom firmware by Malaysian.

18 thoughts on “How to: Install C6 CFW in Nokia 5800XM

  1. Checking Windows version …
    Windows version: Microsoft
    Searching for JAF install location …
    Saved winscard.dll to: C:\Program Files\ODEON\JAF\winscard.dll
    ERROR: Not supported Windows version..


    i got this error message…how to fix it..its not working on win7

    • Make sure to run the application “As Administrator”. And don’t forget to run in Windows XP SP2 compatibility mode.

    • Before that, make sure all the drivers for your phone is installed with the latest update. If problems still occur, you may refer to the links that I have posted in the tutorial. Thanks.

      May it help you a lot. :)

  2. I can’t find my original firmware, which one should i use if i bought the phone directly to NOKIA? Please help me!!

  3. i dont why navifirm is not working
    what should i do now plz help me

  4. I make everything you said up but JAF program can’t read the phone?
    pls help me
    have a good day

  5. hellO..
    i found this site is very usefull..
    btw,im malaysian adn using blue 5800Xm..
    i got prOblem while downloading these two files which are :

    i had tried almost hundred times but still when it already half way downloading, it seem to stop..
    help me pliz…

    • Maybe the developer has been updating these files I think.
      I’m not try downloading it again, but for more info you can check at PHNT.ORG forum.

      By the way, I’m not Symbian user anymore.
      Sorry because I can’t test other version of firmware nowadays. >.<

  6. my mobile is not is not switching on after doing this.wt i hv to do nw.
    total display is black

  7. I Have Done all step by step,until its says done but wont boot up after switch it on,only vibrate only its come and screen are blank…what should i do..?I am from malaysia code of my nokias is 0570196-RM356..need help to backup it up… :-(

  8. Hi dude, I have done it without any problem today(22.1.2011). It’s working nicely. If anyone have problem please let me know through my mail. I will assist to do it successfully. Anyway all the Nokia interfaces seems as one. No big difference between phone to phone. Nokia should consider to change it’s interfaces like the competitors.

  9. The steps are perfectly stated. Anyone want to do this go line by line. The publisher is great person. I want to thanks him.

  10. Works fine with my Tmobile UK 5800 gunmetal black ( 0592576 ). Thanks.

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