End of Twenty Ten

Time is passing so fast that I didn’t realize at all the fact that today is the end of 2010. A lot of things I have done starting from the beginning of January up to the end of December. To make it short, here are what I have achieved in 2010:

  • Managed to continue my study in Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS on 16th January. It was January Intake which we called it as JAN10 batch. Also a fast track for SPM 2009 students.
  • Registered this domain (www.syamey.com) on 17th February. This domain mainly used for blogging and web development purposes.
  • SPM 2009 results was announced on 11th March. Alhamdulillah, satisfied with my results eventhough it was not excellent like others.
  • April was the busiest month for me. It used to be a month of scholarships and interviews for SPM 2009 students. Thank god, I was called for MARA PILN interview at Ipoh, Perak.
  • It was a ‘depress’ month for me in May 2010. Due to the stupidity of PETRONAS new policies, I quited from UTP. Not to blame UTP but it was PETRONAS faults. Heck, I continued my study in University of Malaya.
  • June was used to be month of World Cup. Nothing interesting happened during this month except I was ‘randomly’ selected by Mr Zack to be Physical Science President.
  • In July, I started back developed Leopard Mods On 7 this time. But due to the other commitments, I postponed this project until further notice will be announced.
  • Mid-semester exam during this month. August also was a hectic month for me especially on my study and client’s web development project.
  • Got Eid ul-fitr in September. There was my father’s ex-schoolmate gathering on 3rd Syawal at Sungai Petani, Kedah. I also managed to install Nokia C6 firmware in my Nokia 5800 XM.
  • October, 2 of my designs were selected to be included in LinuxMint 10 wallpapers, both in Linux and KDE platform. Sell out my Nokia 5800XM to be an Android user!
  • Finished my semester 1 in PASUM during this month. November seems to be the best month for me to sharpen my design and coding skills.
  • Setup my first online store on 7th December. The store mainly sell premium world flags icon for application/web developers use in their projects. Sell at $7 with 188 high quality icons.

So that were my achievements in 2010. Bukan nak menunjuk atau bangga diri, but it can be used for my inspiration to keep success in 2011.

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