When I was in primary school, I had so many interests that I really didn’t know what to do with myself. Initially, I thought I might want to be a doctor, but this seemed more challenging than being an engineer, so I applied to technical science stream in secondary school. I was only sixteen at the time.

My problem was that I was interested in too much. I was curious about medicine, engineering and programming, psychology and sociology. I was hungry to learn and I have remained hungry. I think too many people lose or give up that too soon in life.

Education isn’t really about degrees.

One thought on “Education

  1. Anything you learn from school or university, it just to set you into certain path.. sometime you took totally different path. Learning is about interest, you could learn anything that you like… no one will ever say totally waste of time.

    What I learnt, got nothing to do with what I doing today… but I never consider it as a waste… maybe someday I might use it, someday.

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