Syahmi Ismail, 20.

Electrical & Electronic Engineering student · UI/UX Designer at Wutmedia.

Involved in UI and web design since October 2006. Since then, I have uploaded some of my artworks at deviantART to expose and learn something new about these super-cool things. During my free time, I love to learn CSS, (x)HTML as well as PHP just for the fun of it. I also available for freelance works that are related to graphic/web design and also comfortable to work with WordPressJoomla! CMS and Tumblr. Do hire me if you want!

About MSi

MSi doesn’t stands anything special except for my full name; Muhammad Syahmi Ismail. Most people especially my friends called me Syahmi. I’m doing best through self-exploration.

Email · msi [at] syamey [dot] com
Location · Bangi, Selangor
Twitter · @syahmi